Hello friends, as you know that in our past & present life many disease coming in our life and also it will be in future which directly effects on our health and wealth. So friends today we are discussing about some interesting topic vaccine. Which prevents diseases by improving body immune system.

So friends, what are vaccines ? “Vaccine is a substance which used to induce the immunity against a particular dieases.” It is an antigenic preparation that stimulates the production of antibodies. And then antibodies protect us from diseases or increases our immunity.

Process of vaccine production

First of all production of vaccine required microorganisms which causes a disease. Or for which we have to devolope vaccine. Then this organisms modified by researcher. It means that toxic organisms which content a disease causing gene in there DNA or RNA , are remove by genetic modification in organisms. After that this organism not able to produce toxins I.e. half killed organism. And then this organism cultured, and the resulting mixture diluted and mixed with an adjuvant. Adjuvant is use to boost body’s immune system which attracts more number of antibodies.

Manufacturing of vaccine of process
summary of the vaccine manufacturing process

This vaccine when implemented, then this half killed microbes stimulate our immune system as body always opposes foreign particles. As like this immune system gets time to devolope antibodies against a particular microbes. Then this antibodies stored in memory, which helps to detect organism earlier. After that this results, when there original toxic microb enter in body, body detects the microbe and use previously made antibodies for prevent disease. And as like this we are protect from diseases.

And implementation of vaccine is genarly called as vaccination.

So this is all about devolopement and implement.

Who developed the first vaccine & How ?

Friends we know that what is vaccine & How it prepare, implemented & work. Now when we think about first vaccine we should know that her name who work on this and produces a first. Which results we can able to overcome many dieases.

So ahe first vaccine was produced by Edward Jenner (17 may 1749-26 jan 1823 & worked as English physician) in 1760. He made an attempt to provide protection against smallpox. Jenner noticed that milkmaids who had contracted cowpox, seemed to be resistant to smallpox. From this fact, he concluded the humen reaction to an injection of cowpox virus would somehow reach the human body to respond to both viruses, without causing measure illness or death.

Edward Jenner who developed first vaccine
Edward Jenner

Trends or succes in vaccine…

  • In earlier days vaccines most commonly used in babies or child. But in now days it works for young and old people I.e. for adult peoples.
  • Then combination of more than one component generally five and more components are now useing in vaccines.
  • New methods of delivery of vaccine is now developing. E.g. Aerosols through inhalation device, skin patches, by eating genetically modified plant.
  • Vaccines are also play important rolle to prevent from bioterrorist attack like smallpox, plague etc.
  • It boost up immune system of body.
  • Scientiest are now try devolope a synthetic vaccine which prevent its resistant.

During and after vaccination…

Vaccination is generally safe for 1 to 6 year of childs. After vaccination some side effects are generly shows in childs. Fever, pain on the side of injection or pain to muscles are takes place in body of babies. Which shows that the vaccine is working in proper manner. Where we don’t have to go to doctor it will cure itself. Like that antibodies are create in the body of babies and which helps in future to prevent disease.

Why there is no vaccine on COVID-19

First of all production vaccine don’t take too much time the only time is require for identify sequence of DNA or RNA and detecting gene which causes a disease. But for using this first it has to complete several steps of testing i.e. on mice,monkeys etc. animal are tested for vaccine implementation. Then will ready to give peoples. And this whole steps take too much time.

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