Transgenic Animals

Hiii.. Friends, Today while finding some interesting new and amazing technology I found one technology for you. This is nothing but about the transgenic animals. Transgenic animals are nothing but the genetically modified (GM) animals or organism. So let’s see what is it in actually.

What are Transgenic Animals ?

So friends… this animals are generally those animals, which are formed by altering genes from an organism. Mostly this process does not occur by natural mating or natural recombination process. It is created with help of recombinant DNA technology, gene therapy and other genetic engineering methods.

These animals are prepared by modifying sperms from male or eggs from female or it may be modifying new formed embryo. It also includes test tube baby, rDNA technology. This are the better ways to creating Transgenic animals.

Formation of transgenic animals

Formation this types of animals are created by using rDNA technology, i.e. by using vectors and or by cloning, using tisaue cultural or selective breeding in general by genetic modification.

Following example shows that what it is in actually.

Consider one example that one cow has lot of milk production capacity. But produced milk has not that much sufficient protein. Due to the deficiency or abnormal factor or gene required for the synthesis of protein. This result in all progeny of that cow come with same problem.

This problem is solved by the genetic engineering that is deficiency or abnormal factor or gene is replaced by normal gene which will able to synthesis protein. This step is carried out at embryonic stage of that cow.

After all that progeny of this cow results in normal cow which produces a lot of milk with full of protein.

Like that it carried out in various ways. As mentioned in above.

Application of transgenic animals

  • In now days there are so many animals which are transgenic or genetically modified. when we talk about application of transgenic animals, mice is one who which came always infront of us. As mice is more sensible animal and can produce many many eggs in their period.
  • By using this mice many biomedical Researchers working on there project. These mice are used in following manner :
  • For checking drugs i.e. antibiotics, vaccines etc. on particular disease. By performing change in genetic material which getting same disease to mice. Which helps to detect performance of drugs.
  • Or it also used perform other genetical research.

Application of Transgenic animals
Application of Transgenic animals
  • It also includes synthesis of protein in various animals and also human being.

  • Transginec gots, pigs are generated for production of mass or meat in huge ratio.

  • After that Transgenic cows are used for production of milk in large amount.

So it is all about the transgenic animals. And it is one of the amazing research in the field of biotechnology. So I want to say only one that is WOW…!

Thank You….!

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