Tissue Culture in Plant

Hi guys, today we are going to discuss one of the finest technique in the field of green biotechnology. And which plays a huge role in the field of farming. So that is nothing but plant tissue culture. And after looking this technique I am sure that you will like this technique and only you say that WOW, amazing. So let see what is plant tissue cultureculture, its methodology ? What are advantages and application ?

What is plant tissue culture ?

Plant tissue culture, It is the potential or ability to produce whole plant with help of a cells or tissue of plant is called as plant tissue culture. Or it is the technique of culturing or growing isolated cells or tissue or any part of plant from healthy region in nutrient medium under suitable environment to produce whole plant is called as technique of tissue culture in plant.

Tissue culture is more friendly and easy technique of plant breading than traditional or old techniques. And this technique is introduced in 1902 by Gottlieb Haberlandt and devoloped concept of in vitro cell culture. And therefore he is named as father of tissue culture. After that this idea is further developed by many scientist and perform huge role in tissue culture. And the whole research is carried out on the basis of idea i.e whole plant can be produced or regenerate with the help of small cell or tissue.

In that also there is one term which we called as totipotency. It is the ability of a cells to divide and differentiate into a mature plant if placed in suitable environment is called totipotency.

What are the steps of tissue culture in plant ?

So friends, to produce plant with the help of tissue culture technique we have to follow the following steps. So lets see what are these steps.

Explant Culture

Fitst, explant is the tissue or cells which we will take to grow it. So it is taken by selected plant it must be healthy or sterilized. These tissue may be from root, shoot, leaves or bud. Generally many people are prefer to use cells from the region of bud. Because these cells are healthy and growing i.e grow faster than others.

After that selected tissue were allow grown on solid cultural medium. Which content nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and some growth harmons etc. In the small tissue culturing test tube.

Tissue culture in plant
Steps in plant tissue culture

Callus Formation and Culture

Now friends what is the callus ? Callus is the unorganized mass of cells formed during plant tissue culture which possess thin wall of parenchymatous cells. This caused due to mitosis process which results we get a identical cells in callus.


To produce root and shoot plant require some growth harmones which we have to give in this step. Like auxin and cytokinins are given to growing cells to produce different parts of plants. For example Rhizogenesis is for growing roots, Cytokinins is for growing shoots etc. are placed in callus.

Preperation of Suspension Culture

To prepare suspension culture, first we move callus to liquid nutrient medium. Generally in that cells are allow to multiply or functioning in agitated growth medium. Which helps to grow plant fast.

After some days these new plants are allow to use and plant are ready to grow in the natural medium.

Application of plant tissue culture

  • It help to produce disease free plant.
  • also used to produce many identical plants i.e micropropagation.
  • To regenerate plants species which are in denger.
  • To produce secondary metabolites.
  • In somatic hybridization.
  • For conservation of germplasm.
  • Useful in mutation breeding.

So at the end, according to me by looking overall information about this I want to only say that WOW..! What a amazing it is !

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