Single Cell Protein

Hiii guys, As you know population of our world increasing drastically. So that there is big question regarding provide proteins to our body or animals. So solution on this problem is found by researchers. Which is single cell protein. Which is one of the best research. But the problem is that, it is not fully developed and still working on these research. So let’s see what is single cell protein ? How it is prepared ? And what are its application ?

So friends, many people must be known by name of topic that there is use of cell. For production of protein. And the fact is that protein produced by cow of 250kg is 250gm in one day but 250gm of microorganisms can produce 250 tons of protein.

What is single cell protein (SCP) ?

SCP is the dried cells or we can say it is a biomass produced by microorganisms. Which result in production of protein, vitamin and other nutrients. it is produced by yeast, bacteria, algae, fungi. But not all only useful microbes are use for production. In that Alcaligenes, Cellulomonas etc. Bacteria, Chlorella, Spirulina etc. algae, Candida, Saccharomyces etc. yeast are used to produce SCP.

And the main reason to microbes for synthesis of protein because mainly the cell produce 60% to 80% of protein and also produce vitamin B12, K etc. Where we can increase protein more than 80% by supplying food source to cells.

How to produce Single Cell Protein (SCP) ?

To produce SCP we have to complete several steps. By Considering sefty of protein, and also packaging. So following are the steps of it..

Formation of medium and fermentation..

For getting more protein first we have to grow our cells in cultural medium. So friends as the cell consist of lipids, carbohydrates, amino acids and other many compounds. So to grow cell it requires certain Compounds like carbon, sulfur, phosphorus, Nitrogen bases etc. After that microbes consume this component and grow in that midium and produces protein.

The component which we place inside are standardized by researchers. That is at which and what quantity we have use. Minimum quantity of this component tends to abnormal production of protein.

Down streaming…

After that we use down streaming process, where we separate or extract cells by using centrifugal process. After that extracted cells are dried and clean where removal of the unwanted things takes place.Now the product which we get is packed for supply.

Application of Single cell protein…

Application of single cell protein
  • It fulfills the demand of protein, carbohydrate,vitamins and also minerals
  • SCP used as feed for livestock which results it increases production of milk.
  • This product is fully natural and therefore it does not causes environmental pollution.
  • It is also used as feed for chickens.
  • It can also produce in whole yearand also it grows rapidly.
  • Also it is used in cosmetic product like biolipsticks, face hearbal.
  • SCP is also useful in reducing weight or cholesterol.

Like that it has many applications. And at the end I want to say only one thing that it will create our future life healthy and happy. So its one of the WoW technique in the field of technology or biotechnology.

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