LiFi Technology

In These days, the most drifting area in wireless technology is Wi-Fi and web clients are additionally being expanded each year. For acquiring better speed, productivity, data transfer capacity, LiFi innovation has developed. In lifi technology the information transmission right now be finished utilizing light in light of the fact that the light power changes snappier than the human eye for catching.

when we talk about fastest network or technology LiFi is one more name that coming in market now days. which was introduced by Prof. Harald Haas in July 2011 at TED Global talk in Edinburg (Scotland). LiFi term actually found from Light and Wifi.

LiFi is a high speed wireless optical networking technology, which works on visible light or we can say LED lights which we commonly use in our daily life and hence data of LiFi transfers through lights. Russuian company Stins Coman is selling it’s LiFi.

Working of LiFi

LiFi works when light is on. when photons are emiting from light emitting diodes receptors present at device recives the photon, which transmit data And the communication or data networking starts. WOW that’s awesome .

lifi technology | World's fastest network
LiFi Technology


  • It uses visible light i.e LED.
  • LiFi provides 10,000 times more bandwidth or frequency spectrum of radio.
  • It is high speed bidirectional network.
  • cost of Lifi is about $840.

What are applications of LiFi

  • It is 100 time’s faster than Wifi.
  • Data transmission rates of up to 10Gbps.
  • It provides privacy because it do not passes through walls.
  • It has low maintainence.
  • And also it is cheaper and consume less energy as LED consumes less energy.
  • It has been useing in underwater opperations and also in aircraft and hospitals.
  • works in high dense environment.

What are disadvantages of LiFi

  • It cannot used without light or in dark.
  • If the obstacle in the way of light then it does not gives us a proper connection.
  • The whole infrastucture have to change if we have to join LiFi.
  • It has only renge of about 10m.
  • This inovation has another important probleme. An obstruction of outside light sources. for example, typical bulbs; daylight in the path of correspondence will cause break in the transmission.

Despite the fact that there’s as yet far to go to make this innovation a business achievement, it guarantees an incredible potential in the field of wireless technology. A critical number of researchersand organizations are as of now chipping away at this idea, which vows to take care of the issue of absence of radio range, space and low web association speed. By arrangement of this innovation, we can relocate to greener, cleaner, more secure correspondence systems. The very idea of Li-Fi vows to understand issues, for example, deficiency of radio-recurrence data transmission and wipes out the weaknesses of Radio correspondence advancements. Li-Fi is the forthcoming and developing innovation going about as impetus for different other creating and new creations/advances. In this way, there is conviction of advancement of future utilizations of the Li-Fi. Which can be reached out to various stages and different strolls of human life.

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