Immune system

Immune system
Immune system

hiiii guys, what’s up..! Our daily discussion point is going to the most important and trending topic in COVID-19 i.e our immune system and the types of immune system. When we talk about our health the first thing that is coming in our mind is immune system. So let’s see what is it and its types.

What is immune system ?

immune system is system in our body which protect us from foreign microorganisms. And at next term of immune system is immunity. Immunity is the ability of our body to recognize, neutralize or destroy and eliminate a foreign partical or any viruses.

A strong immune system plays most important role in our body which cause our body can fight with viruses or any partical. Which prevent from a harmful disease. So this immune system have several types from which we get immunity for various viruses. And the fact is immune system work in different ways for different viruses. So friends let’s see what are its types.

Types of immune system

So friends generally there are two main types of immune system on the basis of from which they came in our body. And theses are :

  • Innate Immunity or Inborn immunity
  • Acquired Immunity
Types of immune system
Types of immune system

Innate Immunity

Innate immunity is also called as inborn or natural immunity. It helps to fight against microorganisms. innate immunity does not depend on previous exposure to foreign substance. Therefore, it is called nonspecific immunity. After that innate immunity mechanism consist of various barriers which fight against foreign partical. And these barriers are generally as follows :

  • Anatomical barriers
  • Physiological barriers
  • Phagocytic barriers
  • Inflammatory barriers

Anatomical barriers

Anatomical barriers are generally our skin or the mucus membrane present on our skin which prevent entry of microbes through skin. And as our skin secrete mucus, foreign microbes are trapped inside of this mucus. These mucus membrane are also present on the epithelial lining of the respiratory, gastrointestinal and urinogenital tracts.

Physiological barriers

This types of barriers consist of body temperature, pH and also secretion from our body. That is when any unwanted microorganisms or viruses enter in our body. Temperature of our body automatically increase to fight against these viruses e.g. fever

And also when we talk about secretion tears are the best example. In that when a small partical or organism are enter in our eyes, eyes secrets a water which contain lysozyme which kills a organism and try to through it outside. So this is a Physiological barriers.

Phagocytic barriers (cellular barriers)

Phagocytic barriers include phagocytosis to prevent against microbes. Phagocytes contain Neutrophils, monocytes and macrophage. These phagocytic cells ingulf unwanted microbes which protect our body from many harmful diseases.

Inflammatory barriers

Inflammatory barriers includes the infection, radness or swelling etc on our skin. For this the some proteins are responsible named as histamines and prostaglandins which causes an inflammatory response. These chemicals dilate and make the blood capillaries more permeable in the region of tissue injury. And this vascular fluids which contain serum proteins which kills bacteria.

So it is all about types of Innate immunity….

Acquired Immunity

Now the Acquired immunity is the immunity which create in our whole life span in our body. This immunity create our body to defend against foreign pathogens. It is also called as specific immunity, As immunity is specific for particular pathogen.

And the most important thing is that it found in vertebrates. It provide protection to innate immunity. And this immunity take time to active. It has several types and sub types as follows :

  • Acquired active immunity
  • Acquired passive immunity

1) Acquired active immunity

In This Acquired active immunity is generally developed by pathogens or any foreign particals. Where the body stimulate antibodies against a foreign partical or invading pathogens. Where it help in our whole body. And there is also two sub-types as follows :

  1. Natural acquired active immunity
  2. Artificial acquired active immunity

Natural acquired active immunity

In this type of immunity, generally it comes from attack or entry of pathogens in our body. Which stimulate or create antibodies in our body and this specific immunity store in memory cells. And use in whole life span.

For example, If a person is affected with Jaundice after recovering from it, the person will never affected with Jaundice. As it is known to our body.

Artificial acquired active immunity

Artificial acquired active immunity is create in our body artificially. Like partially killed pathogens are introduce in body purposely. Who stimulate antibodies in our body. And which help at the time when an original or live pathogen enter in our body. For example vaccine

2) Acquired passive immunity

Acquired passive immunity can created by introducing a readymade antibodies in our body to defend against pathogens. Where they are of two types as follows :

  1. Natural acquired passive immunity
  2. Artificial acquired passive immunity

Natural acquired passive immunity

In this type of immunity there is transfer of antibodies are takes place through mother to their child. And this takes place before birth through the placenta. And the most important thing is that this is a for short time. As this antibodies can’t remains for whole life in the body of child.

Artificial acquired passive immunity

Artificial acquired passive immunity is created in artificial environment. Or it prepared in laboratory by using perticular serum fro humans or animals. Where they direct transform in body. This immunity is also for short time.

For example the antibodies of rebbies, where it uses antibodies of horse to treat person.

So it is all about the immune system & types of immune system. And looking overall information once again I want to say that WOW.

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