Gene Therapy

Hello friends…. Today I got some interesting topic for you. Which is one of the amazing technique in the field of biotechnology. So friends this technique is nothing but the Gene Therapy. Which is solving huge problems from our life. So friends let’s study, discuss a Gene Therapy.

what is Gene Therapy ?

Genarally a gene therapy is one of the technique with genes for preventing a disease. Or it is technique of replacing a defective genes with working genes. This therapy is not fully developed it is still under studying. This technology plays most important role in future life which works on inherited dissorder, cancer and like many more diseases. This technique includes many types like that Replacement of muted or not working genes to working genes, introducing new gene for protection against various disease, removing an abnormal gene.

Genarlly gene therapy is divide into two parts somatic gene therapy and germline gene therapy. Somatic therapy consist of change of defective gene to normal gene from somatic cell. For example disease caused for perticuler part of body like Pancreas makes harmone of insulin but when because of faulty gene it can’t produces insulin. Then faulty gene replaced by working gene which produced insulin properly.

And that of germline therapy it generally related with gamets or eggs i.e. inherited disorder here as if disorder transmitted through generation to generation. Then defective gene from eggs or sperm replaced with normal gene. For example hemophilia, which cause problem in blood clotting due to absence or recessive gene for factor VIII or IX. Where in this technique recessive gene from gamets was then replaced by normal gene. Which prevent a further generation from hemophilia.

Working of Gene Therapy technique….

As it used to insert normal gene to exchange abnormal gene for making desirable protein. So it has several types to insert a desirable gene.

How does gene therapy work ?
Working of gene therapy
  • For insert gene in targeted required place viruses are play most important roleas vector. In that first the harmful gene extracted from these viruses. Which results harmless virus. Then desirable gene inserted in viruses. And then it injected in body of diseased person, where it able to insert a gene or able to produce a desirable protein in that person.
  • After that genes are also treated by manipulation in steam cells i.e. for addition of gene cell from affected part extract and then desirable gene was inserted by various process or by manipulating it.

For the transferring of genetic material into another cells Plasmid DNA, Bacteriophage DNA, DNA of plant virus, DNA of animal virus, Artificial DNA or cosmid used for produce desirable effect.

Is Gene Therapy is safe or not ?

As I told you earlier, that it is still devoloping field. Therefore there have some risk such that toxicity, inflammation, Cancer where whole scientist are working hard. And also various national organization are showing interest in that so various gene therapies are must be approved by various world organization.

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