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Today i am going to disscuss about a disease or we can say a virus which makes harmful impact on humen people, which is killing many peoples in the world, now days and therefore all the contries are worrying about that. that is non other than coronavirus which causes COVID-19.

What is the Coronavirus ?

Coronavirus is the large family of viruses i.e the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) which causes a infectious disease named as corona virus disease i.e. COVID-19. it is generaly found in animals and there is minimum chances to spread through animal to human. After that it transmitted through human to human. generaly it transmitted through bats or possibaly from pangolins It infects respiratory tract also it veries in chiken they infects upper respiratory tract and in cows and pigs it causes diarrhea.

After that one thughat came in our mind that how coronavirus affect us so see next. Generaly the virus content a only RNA as a genetic material under the covering of lipid material. When it enter in a body it attach to a cell and eject a RNA material only in a cell, after that it multiply the copies of RNA and form a new family of viruses. Which breaks the cell and attaches to new cell for multiplying these virus as like this more and more viruses genereted in our body and which tends Coronavirus Dieases i.e. COVID-19

When we talk about history of Coronavirus Disease it is first found in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China in December 2019. After that in few days it spread all around china and then it spreads around the world.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

As this infects the respiratory tact, the infected person may be sick before showing symptoms. As per WHO The common symptoms of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) are fever, dry cough and tiredness. 80% of these people genaraly recover but the rare cases of these diease can be serious, mostly in older people, and the person having a medical probleme.

  • Dry cough
  • Mild feaver
  • Tridness
  • Probleme in breathing

Preventation from Coronavirus

Prevention from coronavirus disease
preventation from coronavirus diesease (COVID-19)

It is the transmission of virus through the touch or from the personal contact

  • wash hands reguralarly with sanitizer or any other soap upto 20 second.
  • Cover your mouth with a mask or put hands on mouth while sneezing.
  • maintain the distance to 1m with other people which prevents the transmission of virus thrugh one person to other.
  • Stay at home which helps to stop the virus growth in population.
  • don’t touch any object if not required
  • don’t touch your hands to mouth or nose.without sanitize your hand.
  • Make onlineor cashless payment. Which prevent spread of CoV thrugh notes or coins.

Treatment for Coronavirus Disease

If you feel sick or having mild symptoms stay at home, always stay warmed, get rest as possible or get a sleep, drink maximum liquid or water, to minimize the cough take a hot shower.

And if you have fever, cough or you facing some difficulty in breathing immidate call to medical care which helps to recover you. And there is no vaccine devoloped on COVID 19.

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