What is biotechnology

Hello friends… As my daily work to finding new and interasting technology for you as like this while searching a new technology I found some interasting technology which is actual the field of technology. That is nothing but Biotechnology. Wow ! So let’s study, let’s trek with Biotechnology Let’s Go…

Mainly the it is the branch of Biology which deals with the technology releted to living organism, enzyme or many microorganism or study of biological process to devolope the new product and provide a service to humen walfare.

What is biotechnology ?

Biotechnology is explained by EFB. Accourding to the EFB (European Federation of Biotechnology) the modern defination of Biotechnology is “biotechnology is the integration of natural science and organisms, cells, parts thereof, and molecular analogues for products and services.”

You also shock by hearing that we all uses biotechnology from many old generation, making curds by fermanting milk, Idli, Dosa and also alcoholic breverages also are the parts of it. So you can get idea about how old it was.

But in that time no one can study it before. In eighteen century the first Gregor johan mendel (1822-1824) made his femous hybridisation experiments on garden pea plant. In 1856 which is the part of it. After that many scientest started reserch in many fields like Agricultural, Marine, Medicines and Industry etc.

What is Biotechnology

After that in 19 century it gets trimindous turn and which it introduces the high yeilding crops, antibiotics, like penicilene which is introduced by Alexander Fleming etc. so on. In now days this reserches succefully works on dangerous diseases like cancer, polio, pneumonia, HIV and many more.

What are field of biotech

Friend, generally there is four types in field of as green , red, white and blue as describe following :

Green Biotechnology

it generally consist of biological techniques that we use in our agriculture field. For example it consist formation of high yielding crops, microbial harbicides / weedicides. Microbes as biofertillizers. Like that it consist so many things regarding agricultural field.

Red Biotechnology

Generally this belongs from the field of medical field. Or we can say it consist of production of pharmaceutical products. For example formation of antibiotics, vaccine, proteins or tissue culture etc. Like that It consist of many more types of production or research.

White Biotechnology

In that field t belongs from field of industrial production. In that we have production of beverages, cloths production or biofuel production etc. So on you can find in this field.

Blue Biotechnology

It is one more field of this technology . Where consist a study and application of aquaculture or marine life. It consist of biofuel production, finding techniques for increasing production of aquaculture life and forming biopolymers etc. It is full with so many applications.

So friends by seeing all these things in it. I want to say only one thing that is Awsome & Wonderful technology.

Thank You…..

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