Antibodies and antigen


Hiii.. Guys, our daily routine of discussion is today going to discuss one of the most important thing of our healthy body and build most powerful immunity in our body. And this topic namely as Antibodies and antigen. It is nothing but protein where it protects from many of diseases or we can say every disease. So guys let’s see what are antibodies, its structure and working ?

What are antibodies ?

Antibodies are generally protein or amino acids. Or it is a glycoprotein called as immunoglobulins. In a simple it is the protein which kill to patogen or resist to the enter any foreign particle.

The most important thing is that. Every antibody is specific to specific antigens. And when we talk about its production. Antibodies are produced by plasma cells. And these plasma cells are in turns formed by B-lymphocytes.

In that topic the fact is in every second nearly 2000 antibodies form from plasma cells. And these are occure in blood where they are come under action when foreign particle are come in contact with body.

What is structure of antibody ?

Antibody is generally have ‘Y’ shaped structure. Where there are some regions and arms or chains. i.e. first, two heavy or H chains and two light chains or L chains. And formation of these chains contain four amino acid i.e. polypeptide chains.

Structure of antibodies
structure of antibody
  • As we know tge antibodies are Y shaped. The two polypeptide chains of antibodies are linked with disulfide bonds as shown in fig.
  • First of all antibody have four regions on both side of chains i.e. variable and constant region on light chain and variable and constant region on heavy chain and similarly on another site.
  • Where the Variable region have a Paratope, or the region that recognize the antigen. And so this have antigen binding site. And important point is variable region varies with structure of antigen.
  • The important thing is that hinge is the joint of arm of antibody and stem.

So it is all about structure of antibody we are going next step i.e working of antibody with respect to antigen.

How antibodies and antigen work ?

So guys when we talk about antibodies we have to know about antigen so that antigen are any type of foreign particle or viruses or any foreign microorganisms. These antigens have one unique type of combining sites named as epitopes or antigenic determinants.

These epitopes or antigenic determinants are combine with antigen binding sites present on antibodies. And these antibodies are specific with antigens. Or we can say they act in lock and key manner. So here they form a complex of antibody-antigen.

And here is all about how antibodies works on antigen. By looking overall information about antibody and also antigen. I want to say again “That is WOW”. So guys at end stay healthy by building your immunity.

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