7 unbelievable facts about DNA

7 unbelievable facts about DNA
7 unbelievable facts about DNA

So guys today we are going to discuss the 7 unbelievable facts about DNA. That DNA which is differentiate character of any animal or plant body or we can say which plays very much important role in their life. So guys lets trek with this 7 unbelievable facts about DNA.

1) DNA has Codon format.

As we know that our coding program in IT are based on 2 number that is binary ( 0,1 ) format. Same thing happens in DNA of plant or animal cells. DNA are based on main 4 things that is adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G) and cytosine (C), which are makes various possibility.

2) About 420 billion variation.

By using above 4 types of things i.e adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G) and cytosine (C), there are 420 Billions variations are possible in our DNA. So that’s huge.

3) Human DNA is about 2m.

When we separate the whole DNA from our nucleus of a single cell it is about to 2 meters. And the another interesting fact is that this huge DNA is placed in the space of 0.09 micrometer. And that true.

4) If we Combine our whole DNA of body it will be the twice of our solar system.

that is if we connect our 2 meter long DNA to each other it will be the as long as a two round of our solar system. That’s WOW.

5) Every Human being about 99.9 % of DNA is same.

We all human being have same DNA i.e about 99.9 % of DNA. And where about 0.1 % of DNA perform variation in our body. Which is strongly incredible.

6) Similarities in twins

You know that, however twins have same or identical DNA i.e. 100% same DNA but due to environment effect and the other factors it changes gene expression so they didn’t see similar.

7) 2.5 % of DNA is active in human body

If you think that our whole DNA is useful then wrong. Only 2.5% of of DNA is useful or we can say active. So remaining is we call it as junk.

If this junk DNA will activate the strength of human or immune system of human is incredible. And this we can call as superhuman.

So it is all about the 7 unbelievable facts about DNA. And looking overall information once again I want to say that WOW.

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