5g technology

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Imagine the world where the whole movie of 2 to 3 gb will downlod within a few seconds of time, imagine the world where we doing a full HD video call with so friends the main purpose of telling these things is that, After the enjoying 4G LTE wireless full network. Fifth generation of wireless network i.e. 5G technology coming in market which is 10 times faster than 4GLTE. This high speed network of 5G technology will make the future fast forward.

facts about 5G technology

  • Band width of this network is about 3 to 300GHz.
  • 5G technology is based on 5G 3GPP ITU. The standered was approved International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in December 2017
  • sub-6-GHz i.e. FR1 and milimeter wave i.e. FR2 frequency bands are tested 5G new Radio signaling test.
  • 4G LTE setup will upgraded in China.
5G technology
5G technology

Disdvantages of 5G technology

  • 5G’s uses high energy band which can breaks chemical bond which is dangerous.
  • Also it can damage the bonds of DNA which results in manipulation of gens and causes cancer like harmful diseases.
  • 5G technology has more costly compared to other (4G,3G etc.)
  • Old device cannot support 5G technology which want to replace for 5G so it is expensive deal.

Advantages of 5G technology

  • From 5G technology it is possible to maintain consistancy in video call or online programs.
  • As it is fastest network it makes our life easy.
  • 5G technology is effective as compared to other network and also it is efficient.
  • Also 5G technology leads to immediate connection.
  • 5G technology make download easy it is upto 1Gbps.

As like this it is more helpful to us.

And one more thing that as it is the foundation of virtual reality, All companies are trying to launch their 5G mobile phones.

so at the end I want to say only these that 5G is one of the fastest network is coming in now days. but it creates some problem and also it is helpful to us.

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