Immune system

Immune system

hiiii guys, what’s up..! Our daily discussion point is going to the most important and trending topic in COVID-19 i.e our immune system and the types of immune system. When we talk about our health the first thing that is coming in our mind is immune system. So let’s see what is it and its… Continue reading Immune system

Antibodies and antigen


Hiii.. Guys, our daily routine of discussion is today going to discuss one of the most important thing of our healthy body and build most powerful immunity in our body. And this topic namely as Antibodies and antigen. It is nothing but protein where it protects from many of diseases or we can say every… Continue reading Antibodies and antigen

Protein synthesis from DNA

Protein synthesis

Hello guys, Today we are discussing one of the interesting field from the field of biology. There are several researches are carried out by many scientist. Which main component in build our body. That is today’s topic is Protein synthesis from DNA. Protein synthesis is a one of the interesting and most important mechanism. So… Continue reading Protein synthesis from DNA