Transgenic Animals

Transgenic animals

Hiii.. Friends, Today while finding some interesting new and amazing technology I found one technology for you. This is nothing but about the transgenic animals. Transgenic animals are nothing but the genetically modified (GM) animals or organism. So let’s see what is it in actually. What are Transgenic Animals ? So friends… this animals are… Continue reading Transgenic Animals

DNA Fingerprinting

DNA fingerprinting

Hello friends, Many of people see different different types of serial regarding a crime. Like Crime Petrol CID, Crime story etc. Or you also see many of crime movies. In that many have question that how the criminal was identified on the basis of one small hair or one small blood sample. So friends that… Continue reading DNA Fingerprinting

PCR Technique

PCR technique

hii friends… As you our daily opretion to getting something new information for you. So as like that now we discussing technology which is generally used biology or chemistry field. So this is nothing but the PCR Technique. PCR means Polymerase chain reaction. It is generally used for amplification of gene. It is a vitro… Continue reading PCR Technique

Gene Therapy

Gene therapy

Hello friends…. Today I got some interesting topic for you. Which is one of the amazing technique in the field of biotechnology. So friends this technique is nothing but the Gene Therapy. Which is solving huge problems from our life. So friends let’s study, discuss a Gene Therapy. what is Gene Therapy ? Genarally a… Continue reading Gene Therapy



Hello friends, as you know that in our past & present life many disease coming in our life and also it will be in future which directly effects on our health and wealth. So friends today we are discussing about some interesting topic vaccine. Which prevents diseases by improving body immune system. So friends, what… Continue reading Vaccine


hiii friends Today i am going to disscuss about a disease or we can say a virus which makes harmful impact on humen people, which is killing many peoples in the world, now days and therefore all the contries are worrying about that. that is non other than coronavirus which causes COVID-19. What is the… Continue reading Coronavirus