5g technology

helo friends Imagine the world where the whole movie of 2 to 3 gb will downlod within a few seconds of time, imagine the world where we doing a full HD video call with so friends the main purpose of telling these things is that, After the enjoying 4G LTE wireless full network. Fifth generation… Continue reading 5g technology



Hello friends… As my daily work to finding new and interasting technology for you as like this while searching a new technology I found some interasting technology which is actual the field of technology. That is nothing but Biotechnology. Wow ! So let’s study, let’s trek with Biotechnology Let’s Go… Mainly the it is the… Continue reading Biotechnology


All organisms on land developed from the common ancestor, do all organisms have DNA as their particle of heredity. At the chemical level, DNA is the one whether it is taken from a microscopic bacteria or the dark giant. As the consequence, DNA from other organisms will be made and pasted “ together, resulting in… Continue reading rDNA

LiFi Technology

In These days, the most drifting area in wireless technology is Wi-Fi and web clients are additionally being expanded each year. For acquiring better speed, productivity, data transfer capacity, LiFi innovation has developed. In lifi technology the information transmission right now be finished utilizing light in light of the fact that the light power changes… Continue reading LiFi Technology

E. coli bacteria


Hiiiii Friends, Today we are going to Trek with an interesting person which is familier with everyone and one of the fevorite person of scientist. is nothing but the E coli bacteria which lives in our body and helps to maintain our body. Many peoples are known about it, many peoples are unkonwn about it,… Continue reading E. coli bacteria